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12 Sep

I’ve been requested this baby in December of last year. I feel it is a masterpiece the direct result of procrastination. I actually started him at the beginning of summer, made his ears and tail somewhere in August, and today, his face! Taylor will be relieved I finally finished. He’s cute. Definitely worth the wait, I think. I had a legitimate reason to take so long on the face, though. I tried out two different ones before this one. I tried twice to make pikachu’s face, but I failed both times. I settled for this minimalist-style face. Actually, I think everyone of his body parts had a draft.

The body is a white sport-weight yarn. The yellow in the tail is a thicker yarn than the black ear tips and brown tail base, but they are both worsted-weight. The eyes and nose are embroidered with the same yarn as the ear tips, and the blush-marks are made with red all-purpose sewing thread.


Claimed by the Sparks!

more flower smellin'

Chillin under the ice vendor

gotta get a shot of his handsome booty, too.

On to the pattern!

Top Tier

1: 7 sc’s in an mr (7)

2: 2 sc’s in each sc (14)

3: *sc, 2 sc in sc* x7 (21)

4:*sc, sc, 2 sc in sc* x7 (28)

5:*sc, sc, sc, 2 sc in sc*x7 (35)

6-10: sc even (35)

2nd tier

1-5 of tier 1

6:*sc, sc, sc, sc, 2 sc in sc* x7 (42)

7:*sc, sc, sc, sc, sc, 2 sc in sc* x7 (49)

8-13: sc even (49)

3rd tier

1-7 of tier two

8: *sc, sc, sc, sc, sc, sc, 2 sc in sc* x7 (56)

9: *sc, sc, sc, sc, sc, sc, sc, 2 sc in sc* x7 (63

10-16: sc even


1-9 of tier three



1: 4 sc in mr (4)

2: 2 sc in each (8)

3: *sc, 2 sc in sc* x4 (12)


4-6: sc even (12)

7: *sc, sc, sc2tog* x3 (9)

8-9 sc even (9)

Tail: (make 2, you’ll sew together for thickness and stiffness)

Ch 9

1-5: sc 8, ch 1, turn

6: sc 5, ch 1, turn

7: sc 5, ch 3, turn

8-10: sc 7, ch 1, turn

11: Slipstitch in 3, sc in 4, ch 1, turn

12: sc 4, ch 1, turn

13: sc 4, ch 3, turn

14-15: sc 6, ch 1, turn

16: sc 3

This will give you pikachu’s lightning tail

The mochi can really be used as a base to make many characters. Have fun with it. You can make a whole mochi series if you want.

Actually, that would be an awesome idea! Someone, do it!

I’m too busy~

I still need to make Russia~

I just can’t get myself to~

I whine too much. I wish I was one of those people that got things done. With efficiency! That would be awesome! I wonder what an efficient me would be like. *shudders* I can only think of a room full of stuffed animals. Oh! I would totally have more money! I should take a class on efficiency. I would go shopping at h&m every weekend. It’s in Scottsdale, though. That’s too far~ Every other weekend. I’ll fill the extra weekends with the local mall. I’m not sure if I could buy something every weekend, though. My closet would look like it barfed.